Finding Eternity

Since leaving the island, these last six months have been a challenge.  After the openness of endless hours, silently sitting on a rock, mind thoughtless, feeling flowing, waves crashing, wind swishing through the Birchwood and long dead dogs, breathing by my side.  How am I to be a person again ? Writing this sentence I … Continue reading Finding Eternity

The Island Inside

This place has done its work on me.  Isolation cleansed my being and brought me into the vital now.  These rust brown hills and crags of bright pink and silver grey, their slow voices can now be heard. In the core of me I felt her whispering, drawing me to her shore.  That fathomless presence, … Continue reading The Island Inside

What is Freedom

In truth I am not sure I am good, I certainly have lived through much fear and pain, yet I strive to overcome this and to reveal the qualities so easily hidden by the need for protection.  Capacity to love, yes.  Humility, emerging very quickly.  Devotion, yes, in the form of love and compassion, wonder … Continue reading What is Freedom

Choosing Freedom

I had ideas of the life that I was prepared to accept, a standard of comfort, an acceptable pace of progress toward goals, requirements for a happy life. In a place that felt like the edge of the world,  isolation peeled away the layers of who I thought I was.   A rocky windswept wilderness where there … Continue reading Choosing Freedom