8 thoughts on “Forgiveness”

  1. We shall see, maybe I’ll try one day. I think an instrument gives ourselves another voice to speak with. I’m still learning to use the one I already have. !


  2. Love it, one of my fave genres, did lessons for a while, never got far.
    The pressure of time, work and family too much.
    I will pick it up again though.
    I think you would love playing the guitar, battered hands and all.


  3. No , I wish I had learned to play an instrument when I was young, now, my hands are a little battered and probably incapable.
    How about you ?


  4. Hi Maya. Long time no see or hear. Great poem once again. You could write lyrics to beautiful music. You heart is so full of insight and expression. A natural artist. Love blessings and peace. Bernice.🙂


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